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1060 CE 1070 CE 1080 CE 1090 CE 1100 CE 1110 CE 1120 CE 1130 CE 1140 CE 1150 CE 1160 CE 1170 CE 1180 CE 1190 CE 1200 CE 1210 CE 1220 CE 1230 CE 1240 CE 1250 CE 1260 CE 1270 CE 1280 CE 1290 CE  
1067 CE - 1090 CE: The first Great Hall of Chepstow Castle is built.
1067 CE: Earl William FitzOsbern begins the construction of Chepstow Castle in Wales.
1072 CE: The tower keep of Chepstow Castle, Wales is built.
1086 CE - 1087 CE: Domesday Book lists Chepstow Castle in Wales as an asset.
1138 CE: King Stephen of England makes Chepstow Castle in Wales a part of the estate of the Earl of Pembroke.
1146 CE - 1219 CE: The life of the great English knight Sir William Marshal.
1190 CE: Sir William Marshal begins rebuilding Chepstow Castle in Wales.
1217 CE: Henry III of England visits Chepstow Castle in Wales.
1272 CE: Roger Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk, builds the western gatehouse at Chepstow Castle.
1285 CE: A new Great Hall is completed at Chepstow Castle.
1285 CE: Edward I of England visits Chepstow Castle in Wales.
1287 CE - 1293 CE: The Marten's Tower is added to Chepstow Castle, Wales.
1060 CE 1100 CE 1140 CE 1180 CE 1220 CE 1260 CE

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