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The Heroon of Trysa: A Lycian Tomb Reappears

The Heroon of Trysa was the tomb of a powerful Lycian dynast surrounded by a precinct wall covered with remarkable mythological friezes. It was discovered...

Holidays in the Elizabethan Era

During the Elizabethan Era (1558-1603 CE), people of all classes greatly looked forward to the many holidays and festivals on offer throughout the year...

Thomas Cavendish

Thomas Cavendish (1560-1592 CE) was an Elizabethan mariner and privateer who famously circumnavigated the globe in 1586-88 CE, only the third voyage...
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Ships in the Ancient Mediterranean

The Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans all prospered in the ancient Mediterranean thanks to their mastery of the sea which allowed them to fish, trade...
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Cups in Antiquity

Cups were a part of everyday life in the ancient world, just as they are today but craftworkers and artists were often challenged to use their...
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Marine Life in Ancient Mediterranean Art

Throughout the history of the ancient Mediterranean artists were always keen to express their appreciation of the bounty of the sea. Marine life of...

Jesuit Influence on Post-medieval Chinese Astronomy

Ancient China had seen little Western contact before the 16th century CE, the language, culture and science all being allowed to develop independently...

St. Anthony's Fire

St. Anthony’s Fire (SAF) is an illness brought on by the ingestion of fungus-contaminated rye grain causing ergot poisoning (ergotism). The...
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Warfare & Battles in Ancient Greece

We have prepared four lesson plans including classroom activities, assignments, homework, and keys as well as: Multiple choice quiz questions...

Yorks v Lancasters - The Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses (1455-1487 CE) was a four-decade struggle between two branches of the descendants of Edward III of England (r...


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