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Tashichho Dzong - Thimphu Bhutan

Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon

It is a breathtaking flight with dramatic sweeps over fertile valleys and blue pine forests. You fly past Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Gangkhar...
Roman City Being Conquered

Interview: Bringing Down the Roman Empire in a Game

Today we are talking to Jon Shafer, lead designer of the computer game At the Gates, now available on PC, Mac, and Linux. In this game, you control...
Medieval Women

Women in the Middle Ages

The lives of women in the Middle Ages were determined by the Church and the aristocracy. The Church provided people with the 'big picture' of...
Ten Caesars by Barry Strauss

Interview: Barry Strauss on Ten Caesars

Dr. Barry Strauss’ Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine tells the epic story of the Roman Empire from its rise to its...
Mapungubwe, South Africa


Mapungubwe, located in the very north of South Africa just below the Limpopo River, was an Iron Age settlement and kingdom which flourished between...
Lambayeque Textile Panel

Interview: Super/Natural: Textiles of the Andes

Over the course of several millennia, textiles were the primary form of aesthetic expression and communication for the diverse cultures that developed...
The Great Enclosure, Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is a now ruined city near Masvingo, central Zimbabwe which was continuously inhabited between c. 1100 to c. 1550 CE, flourishing between...
Aspar, Magister Militum

The Isaurians and the End of Germanic Influence in Byzantium

Germanic influence reigned in the Roman Empire from the end of the 4th century CE through the 5th. Germanic individuals took important posts in the...


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