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Yazdegerd III

Yazdegerd III

Yazdegerd III (r. 632-651 CE) was the last monarch of the Sassanian Empire (224-651 CE), ruling – or attempting to rule – amidst the chaos...
Kosrau I

Kosrau I

Kosrau I (r. 531-579 CE) was the greatest king of the Sassanian Empire (224-651 CE) in virtually every aspect of his reign. He reformed the military...
Capture of John II of France, Poitiers

Battle of Poitiers, 1356 CE

The Battle of Poitiers on 19 September 1356 CE was the second great battle of the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453 CE) after Crécy (1346 CE...
Battle of Crecy, 1346 CE

Battle of Crécy

The Battle of Crécy on 26 August 1346 CE saw an English army defeat a much larger French force in the first great battle of the Hundred...
Shapur II

Shapur II

Shapur II (r. 309-379 CE, also given as Sapur II) was the tenth monarch of the Sassanian Empire (224-651 CE) and among the most successful. Under his...
The Great Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza

Ten Ancient Egypt Facts You Need to Know

Ancient Egypt is defined as the civilization which flourished in North Africa between c. 6000-30 BCE – from the Predynastic Period in Egypt (c...
Edward IV of England & Lancastrian Fugitives at Tewkesbury Abbey

Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses (1455-1487 CE) was a dynastic conflict between the English nobility and monarchy which led to four decades of intermittent...
Colosseum, Rome

Ten Ancient Rome Facts You Need to Know

Ancient Roman culture affected vast numbers of people across the known world of its time, beginning with the rise of the Roman Republic (509-27 BCE...

Inventions & Innovations of Ancient Persia

Ancient Persian culture contributed many of the aspects of the modern world which people simply take for granted as having always existed. The designation...
Persian Archers

Elite Warriors in History

Winning battles and forging empires was not just about numbers but also the quality of the troops at any commander's disposal. The best-trained...


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