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Oil Press, Tell Hazor

Ancient Israelite Technology

Technology enabled ancient Israel, the Northern Kingdom excluding Judah, to be economically prosperous and establish itself as a major political...
10 Years of Ancient History Encyclopedia

10 Years of Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ancient History Encyclopedia’s CEO Jan van der Crabben writes about the organization’s 10-year history. Ancient History Encyclopedia...
Hestia Giustiniani


Hestia was the Greek virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and hospitality. In Greek mythology, she is the eldest daughter of Cronus and Rhea. In her...
Roman Theatre of Sabratha


Sabratha was an ancient port city on the coast of North Africa (in modern-day Libya). The site was originally inhabited by the indigenous Berber Zwagha...
Roman Toga, Tarragona

The Roman Toga

The toga was a garment worn by men who were citizens of Rome and which consisted of a single length of wool cloth cut in a semicircle and wrapped around...
Anaximenes of Miletus


Anaximenes of Miletus (l. c. 546 BCE) was a younger contemporary of Anaximander and generally regarded as his student. Known as the Third...
The 12 Olympian Gods

The 12 Olympian Gods

The 12 gods of Mount Olympus were the most important deities in ancient Greece and in this collection we examine each one in detail. With their all-too-human...
Theatre, Carthago Nova

Carthago Nova

Carthago Nova (modern-day Cartagena) was a city on the southern Iberian Peninsula, Spain, originally known as Mastia. Human habitation of the region...

Letters & Post in the Ancient World

Letters and their delivery via a state communication system was a feature of many ancient cultures. The writing medium may have differed but the Mesopotamians...
Minoan Woman Fresco, Knossos

Cosmetics in the Ancient World

The wearing of cosmetics and perfumes by both men and women goes back a very long way indeed as the ancients were just as keen as anyone to improve...


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