Ancient History Encyclopedia is a non-profit educational website with a global vision: to provide the best ancient history information on the internet for free.

We combine different media, subjects and periods in interactive ways that will help readers understand both the "big picture" and the detail. Editorial review is a key component in our process to ensure highest quality.


We're a small non-profit organisation dedicated to giving highest-quality history content to the world’s history enthusiasts, teachers, and students for free. Ancient History Encyclopedia is the global leader in ancient history content online, boasting the highest number of monthly visitors of any dedicated website.

The AHE Team Our team of ten volunteers is passionate about history: We want to inspire our readers with the stories of the past, making history engaging and exciting. Here you'll find high-quality articles, videos, interactive maps, and books on ancient history. All contributions are reviewed by expert volunteers who wish to share their knowledge.

Ancient History Encyclopedia is entirely run by volunteers from all over the world. Our core team hails from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Argentina, Germany, and Italy. We're always looking for people from all walks of life to join our team. 

Key Facts

  • All content is reviewed by our team of expert editors, ensuring highest quality
  • Trusted by teachers around the world as set reading for their students
  • More monthly traffic than the British Museum or the Louvre, and more monthly readers than the world's most popular history magazines
  • Engaging the digital generation: We're telling the exciting stories in history, using all media types (text, image, map, video)
  • Read more about our audience in our media presentation.
Thank you for all you continue to add to your site! It is an extremely useful tool in my classroom!
Stephanie Coviello, Middle School Teacher, New Jersey, USA


April 2015 Over 12 million people have visited our site since launch.
December 2014 Over 50,000 web visitors in a single day.
March 2014 Over 6 million people have visited our site since launch.
October 2013 Over 3 million people have visited our site since launch.
August 2013 Over 10,000 web visitors in a single day.
May 2013 Over 2 million people have visited our site since launch.
September 2012 Over 1 million people have visited our site since launch.
June 2012 Ancient History Encyclopedia becomes a not-for-profit company registered in the UK.
March 2012 Google selected us to be a featured app on the Google Chrome Webstore.
May 2011 Over 100,000 people have visited our site since launch.
February 2010 Over 10,000 people have visited our site since launch.
August 2009 The website launches to the public.

Our Story

Ancient History Encyclopedia was founded in 2009 by Jan van der Crabben. As a designer of historical computer games, Jan realized that the internet was missing a reliable and comprehensive resource for ancient history information. Most information was either scattered across various websites, was nearly illegible due to bad presentation, or had a distinct nationalistic agenda.

At the same time he had the idea that history is not linear (as it is taught in most school coursebooks), but rather a very parallel type of story, where everything is interlinked. After much programming on a netbook during daily train rides from London to Horsham, the site was launched to the public in August 2009. Since then, it has grown from a small history website to the largest and most popular website on ancient history on the internet.