Saint Cyprian Of Carthage


John Horgan
by Christopher Hansard & Trisagionfilms
published on 12 December 2016

Saint Cyprian was born around the year 200 in the city of Carthage in what is now the north African country of Tunisia. He was born Thascius Cyprianus, the son of a rich pagan senator. Like many children of wealthy parents in his day, Cyprian received a secular education, studying rhetoric and philosophy, and occasionally defending his fellow citizens in court.

Upon discovering the writing of the apologist Tertullian, Cyprian became convinced of the truth of Christianity. Cyprian was guided as a catechumen by the presbyter Cecilius, whose name he took upon baptism at the age of 46. So impressed where the people of Carthage with Cyprian’s faith that not long after his baptism the church ordained him a deacon and then presbyter. Within three years he was ordained as the bishop of Carthage.

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