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9000 BCE 8500 BCE 8000 BCE 7500 BCE 7000 BCE 6500 BCE 6000 BCE 5500 BCE 5000 BCE 4500 BCE 4000 BCE 3500 BCE 3000 BCE 2500 BCE  
9000 BCE - 3300 BCE: The Neolithic (or New Stone Age), lasting from the start of agriculture between c. 9000-c. 4000 BCE until the beginning of bronze use c. 3300 BCE.
7000 BCE - 2500 BCE: Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods on Cyprus.
6000 BCE - 2900 BCE: Neolithic Age settlements in Greece, beginning of agriculture. .
5000 BCE: Earliest Neolithic finds in the Corinth area.
5000 BCE - 4000 BCE: Megaliths are erected at the Neolithic site of Locmariaquer, north-west France.
4800 BCE: Neolithic village of Banpo in China built.
4500 BCE - 3750 BCE: The Neolithic village of Banpo is inhabited.
4500 BCE - 3750 BCE: Neolithic village Banpo in China inhabited.
3807 BCE - 3806 BCE: The Sweet Track, a Neolithic wooden pathway, is constructed in Somerset, Britain.
3700 BCE - 2800 BCE: Neolithic farmstead the Knap of Howar inhabited on Papa Westray, Orkney.
3300 BCE - 2600 BCE: Neolithic site of Barnhouse Settlement occupied.
3100 BCE: Neolithic village of Skara Brae inhabited.
3100 BCE: Neolithic Village of Skara Brae inhabited, stone walls built.
3000 BCE: Aegina inhabited during Neolithic period.
3000 BCE - 2800 BCE: The Neolithic chambered cairn known as Maeshowe constructed and in use.
9000 BCE 8000 BCE 7000 BCE 6000 BCE 5000 BCE 4000 BCE 3000 BCE

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