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40 BCE 30 BCE 20 BCE 10 BCE 0 CE 10 CE 20 CE 30 CE  
37 BCE - 4 BCE: Reign of Herod the Great over Judea.
37 BCE: Herod the Great is made governor of Galilee.
37 BCE: Herod the Great retakes Jerusalem from the Parthians.
29 BCE: Herod the Great executes his wife Mariamme on grounds of being unfaithful.
23 BCE - 20 BCE: Herod the Great conquers areas north of Galilee.
15 BCE: Herod the Great completes construction of his massive fortress and future mausoleum the Herodium.
9 BCE: Herod the Great wages war against Nabataea.
6 BCE - 30 CE: Life of Jesus Christ.
4 BCE: Herod the Great, suspicious of rival factions, executes his son Antipater.
40 BCE 30 BCE 20 BCE 10 BCE 0 CE 10 CE 20 CE

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