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White Horse Temple, Luoyang
Map of Luoyang
Fragments from a Buddhist Stupa in Afghanistan
Fragment of a Bodhisattva from Afghanistan
Khmer Feminine Divinity Sculpture
Dong Song Bronze Situla from Vietnam
Door Knockers from Ancient Vietnam
The Dolmen of Sciacca
Buddhist Stele from Wei Dynasty China
Gravestone for German Man in Latin
Roman Painted Goblet with Achilles
Inscription on the Tomb of an Perfume Trader
Han Woman, Dahuting Tomb
David & Saul by Rembrandt
King David
David by Michelangelo
Votive Crown from Visigothic Spain
Masculine Divinity in the Style of Pre Rup
Thai Vishnu Statue
Jewish Mosaic of a Date Palm
Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi
Bronze Belt from Ancient Georgia
Ancient Goblet from Georgia
Monument to Armenian Alphabet at Oshakan
Fragments of Urartian Idols
Horse Rider Rhyton
Persian Horse Head Rhyton
Mesrop Mashtots' Tomb
Armenia's Areni Cave
Areni Cave
Entrance to Areni Cave in Armenia
Seated Figure by Sape Artist
Head of an Animal from Mali
Fragments of Two Seated Figures from Mali
Head Fragment from Mali
Fragment of a Female Figure from Mali
Terracotta Head from Mali's Inland Niger Delta Region
Ancient Settlement at Agarak
Prehistoric Agarak Ruins
Ancient Structure at Agarak, Armenia
Outline of a Dwelling at Agarak
Prehistoric Agarak in Armenia
Calligraphy by Cai Xiang
Stone Carved Indentations at Agarak
Calligraphy by Wang Xizhi
Ancient Agarak Ruins
Entrance to Urartian Burial Niche at Agarak
Urartian Burial Niche at Agarak
Urartian Burial Niche Interior at Agarak
Ancient Agarak Site in Armenia