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Edessa Citadel
Ballcourt at Wupatki
Wupatki Pueblo
King Abgar & the Mandylion
Borobudur Temple
Neptune Baths Ruins at Ostia Antica
Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI
Interior of the Abbey of Saint John at Müstair
Sculpture of Charlemagne - Abbey of Saint John at Müstair
Abbey of Saint John at Müstair, Switzerland
Leif Erikson Sighting America
Ancient Hohokam Pottery
Roman Latrines in Ostia Antica
Roman Bakery in Ostia Antica
Internal Dome of Pantheon
Pre-Columbian Wari Kero (Drinking Cup)
Wari Kero (Drinking Cup) from Peru
Rhine Frontier of the Roman Empire, 4th century CE.
Amphitheatre, Augusta Raurica
Roman Theatre, Augusta Raurica
Hohokam Pottery Bowl
Pyramid of Cestius
Mamluk Sultanate, 1317 CE
The Siege of Acre, 1291 CE
Plan of Acre, 1291 CE
The Levant, 1263 CE
Death of Louis IX at Tunis, 1270 CE
Stronghold House, Hovenweep
Tower Ruins, Hovenweep
Cajon Tower, Hovenweep
Louis IX Captured During the Seventh Crusade
Map of the Ayyubid Empire
Louis IX Departing for the Seventh Crusade
King Louis IX Carrying the Crown of Thorns
St. Gallen Cathedral
Saint Gall
Abbey Cathedral of St. Gallen
Training Horses Tablet from Hattusa
The Tablet of the Apology of Hattusilis III from Hattusa
The Song of Ullikummis Tablet from Hattusa
Periods of Arch of Constantine
West Short Side of Arch of Constantine
Dacian Prisoners, Arch of Constantine
East Short Side of Arch of Constantine
Great Mosque, Cordoba
Christian & Muslim Playing Chess
Frederick II & Al-Kamil
Map of the Crusader States, 1229-1240 CE
L'Anse aux Meadows - Reconstructed Hall