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Our mission is to engage people with cultural heritage and to improve history education worldwide.


We help teachers, students and schools by providing them with reliable, easy-to-read and high quality educational history resources entirely for free.
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General Public
By creating an engaging and exciting encyclopedia, we have inspired millions to learn more about other cultures and our shared human past.
Cultural Heritage
History is the basis upon which we build our cultural and national identity. With historical understanding we become more open and tolerant towards other cultures.

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Greco-Roman90% Complete

We've written 330 articles about the birthplace of democracy, the world's greatest empire, and the cradle of Europe.

Mesoamerica 75% Complete

We've written around 60 articles about steaming jungles, pyramids, human sacrifice, and winged snakes.

Near East 65% Complete

Around 200 articles now cover the cradle of civilization, home of the first empires, and the world's oldest cities.

India 35% Complete

We've written around 35 articles on India's millennia-old heritage of architecture, mythology, and key historical figures.

China 10% Complete

We have just begun writing about one of the world's oldest civilizations and plan to focus on this next.

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