War and the Moche - Behind the scenes at the Horniman Museum


by Horniman Museum and Gardens
published on 19 August 2014

Like the proverbial iceberg, there is much more to a museum and its collection than you can see at any one time. Keeper of Anthropology, Wayne Modest, takes us behind the scenes to show us some of his favourite pieces.

This collection of Moche ceramics depicts warriors on their way up in society and some soon to be on the way out. Permanently. To understand better what's going on, Wayne has asked acknowledged Moche expert George Lau to help unravel at least some of the mysteries of the Moche.

What do these pieces tell us about the Moche and how they lived and died? Do they leave us any clues as to how a once-mighty culture disappeared?

And don't forget there are thousands of wonderful objects you can see for free at the Horniman http://www.horniman.ac.uk/exhibitions - why not pop in and explore your world?

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