Total War History: Battle of Cannae (Part 4/5)


by THFE Productions
published on 23 April 2014

Despite losing their top commanders, the Roman heavy infantrymen press forward. Hannibal and his soldiers must hold back this juggernaut at all cost... if they fail, all is lost!

Documentary Sources:
"The Ghosts of Cannae" by Robert L. O'Connell
"The Fall of Carthage" by Adrian Goldsworthy
"In the Name of Rome" by Adrian Goldsworthy
"Soldiers and Ghosts" by J. E. Lendon

A special thanks to the discussions over at r/AskHistorians!

The game, Total War: Rome II, was used with the following mods:
-Divide et Impera
-Special Effects Enhancement Mod
-Arcade Graphical Effects Removal

Music: (in order of appearance)
"Rome Theme" - Rome Total War
"Ryse a Hero" - Ryse Son of Rome
"Legions of Rome" - Total War: Rome II
"Brave Romans" - Total War: Rome II

Equipment used:
Blue Snowball -USB microphone
Audacity - audio editing
Shadow Play - gameplay recording
Power Director 10 - video editing
PhotoShop - graphics

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