Total War History: Battle of Cannae (Part 1/5)


Jan van der Crabben
by THFE Productions
published on 15 April 2014

In 216 BC, at Cannae, the genius of Hannibal Barca was matched against the raw power of Rome's legions. 120,000 men would take part in this colossal clash of titans and make it one of the most studied and emulated battles of antiquity. We will start by setting the stage on which the following drama will be set!

Documentary Sources:
"The Ghosts of Cannae" by Robert L. O'Connell
"The Fall of Carthage" by Adrian Goldsworthy
"In the Name of Rome" by Adrian Goldsworthy
"Soldiers and Ghosts" by J. E. Lendon

A special thanks to the discussions over at r/AskHistorians!

The game, Total War: Rome II, was used with the following mods:
-Divide et Impera
-Special Effects Enhancement Mod
-Arcade Graphical Effects Removal

Music: (in order of appearance)
"Heart of Courage" - Two Steps from Hell
"Forging a New Light" - Position Music
"Path to Freedom" - Audiomachine
"Carthage Intro" - Rome Total War
"Pax Romana" - Ryse: Son of Rome
"Caesar's Nightmare" - Rome Total War
"Crossing the Rubicon" - Total War: Rome II

Equipment used:
Blue Snowball -USB microphone
Audacity - audio editing
Shadow Play - gameplay recording
Power Director 10 - video editing
PhotoShop - graphics

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