Judgement in the Presence of Osiris, Hunefer's Book of the Dead


by Smarthistory, Art History at Khan Academy
published on 04 April 2014

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Hunefer's Judgement in the presence of Osiris, Book of the Dead, 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom, c. 1275 B.C.E., papyrus, Thebes, Egypt (British Museum). Erratum: near the end of the video we say that Nephthys and Anubis are siblings, this is not correct.

Speakers: Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker

Figures represented in order of appearence (left to right):
+Hunefer (deceased scribe)
+Anubis (jackal-headed god associated with mummification, burial and the afterlife, he is the son of Nephthys)
+Ma'at (goddess of order and ethical judgement. She wears a feather associated with truth and is here shown at the top of the scales)
+Ammit or Ammut (demon represented as part crocodile, lion and hippopotamus. Devoured hearts that failed the test of Ma'at)
+Thoth (here represented as an Ibis-headed god recording the fate of the deceased, in this case Hunefer)
+Horus (falcon-headed god/also eye of Horus, associated with the king and son of Osiris)
+Horus's 4 sons Imsety, Duamutef, Hapi, Qebehsenuef (associated with the 4 cardinal points, protection of vital organs of the deceased)
+Osiris (enthroned wearing Atef crown; he is associated with death and is one of the most powerful gods in the Egyptian pantheon)
+Isis (goddess protector of mummys and Osiris and in some instances, the mother of Horus and sister of Nephthys)
+Nephthys (goddess who, along with her sister Isis, protects mummys and Osiris, mother of Anubis, sister and wife of Seth)

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