Syed Muhammad Khan



Syed Muhammad Khan Muhammad is a Biologist with a passion for learning history, his main areas of interest are the origin, expansion and fragmentation of the Islamic empire; Muslim response to the Middle East Crusades; and notable and chivalrous figures in Islamic history, such as Saladin. He believes that the story of Islam is not just the story of Arabs or even the Muslims, but actually it is the story of the world - for it wouldn't have been this way, had these adherents of a new faith not come out pouring from their desert abode to carve a mighty empire (not to mention the contributions in science, technology, politics, etc.). For him, humans are bound to repeat the same mistakes, if they don't heed the lessons of history. He wishes to see a world where people live with mutual respect for each other irrespective of race, creed and religion.

BS (Hons) in Zoology | History Enthusiast

Favorite quote: "Kings do not kill kings, but that man (Reynald) transgressed all limits and thus did I treat him so" - Saladin.