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2047 BCE - 1750 BCE: The Ur III Period in Sumer. Great Wall of Uruk still standing.
2038 BCE: King Shulgi of Ur builds his great wall in Sumer.
1990 BCE: Construction of the Great Wall to keep the Amorites from Sumer.
700 BCE - 300 BCE: Sphinxes are represented in Persian architecture either as free standing sculpture or in relief wall decoration.
446 BCE: The Middle Wall fortifications are added to the Long Walls which connect Athens and the port of Piraeus.
404 BCE: Spartan general Lysander attacks the Athenian port of Piraeus destroying parts of the Long Wall fortifications.
247 BCE - 224 CE: The Parthian Empire builds The Great Wall of Gorgan.
221 BCE: Construction of Northern Frontier wall by Shi Huangdi, First Emperor of China, precursor to Great Wall.
220 BCE - 210 BCE: Emperor Shi Huangti initiates building the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canal.
218 BCE: Construction of the Great Wall of China is initiated.
117 BCE - 100 BCE: Han emperors extend the western part of the Great Wall of China.
112 CE: Hadrian's Wall built as boundary between Roman Britain and Pictland.
122 CE: Construction begins on Hadrian's Wall.
133 CE: Hadrian’s wall is built in northern England.
142 CE: The Antonine Wall built under Antoninus Pius, north of Hadrian's Wall.
142 CE: Antoninus Pius celebrates victory in Britain and construction of the Antonine Wall begins.
142 CE: Antonine Wall built further north as boundary between Romans and Picts.
163 CE - 164 CE: Dating of Samian pottery on the Antonine Wall indicates its final abandonment.
163 CE: Rebuilding at Corbridge, just north of Hadrian's Wall.
280 CE: A wall and moat are added to protect Augusta Raurica.
304 CE: The nomadic Xiongu break through the Great Wall of China.
469 CE: The Byzantine Empire builds the Anastasian Wall.
493 CE: Byzantine emperor Anastasios I builds the Long Wall in Thrace to protect Constantinople.
628 CE: The Goguryeo kingdom of northern Korea builds a 480-km defensive wall as protection against attack from China.
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