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5500 BCE 5000 BCE 4500 BCE 4000 BCE 3500 BCE 3000 BCE 2500 BCE 2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE  
5400 BCE: The City of Eridu is founded.
5000 BCE: Sumer inhabited by Ubaid people.
4500 BCE: First walled cities. Uruk in Mesopotamia first city.
4500 BCE: The City of Uruk founded.
4100 BCE - 2900 BCE: Uruk Period in Mesopotamia. First cities.
4100 BCE - 2900 BCE: Uruk Period in Sumer.
4100 BCE - 2900 BCE: Mesopotamian science and technology first appears in the Uruk Period of Sumer.
4000 BCE: Creation at Uruk of first mass-produced bowls.
3600 BCE: Invention of writing in Sumer at Uruk.
3200 BCE: First instance of written language in Sumerian.
2900 BCE - 2334 BCE: The Early Dynastic Period in Sumer.
2600 BCE: Uruk ruled by Gilgamesh for 126 years according to the Sumerian King List.
2100 BCE: The Reign of Utu-Hegal at Uruk in Sumer and creation of Sumerian King List.
2100 BCE: First ziggurats in Ur, Eridu, Uruk, and Nippur.
2055 BCE - 2047 BCE: Utu Hegel's reign over Sumerian and Akkadian cities.
2047 BCE - 1750 BCE: The Ur III Period in Sumer. Great Wall of Uruk still standing.
2000 BCE - 150 BCE: Temple of Anu in Uruk in constant use.
1787 BCE: Hammurabi of Babylon conquers Uruk and Isin.
5500 BCE 4500 BCE 3500 BCE 2500 BCE 1500 BCE 500 BCE

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