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12000 BCE: Construction of Gobekli Tepe Temple, oldest temple in the world.
11000 BCE: Temple walls of Gobekli Tepe built.
4500 BCE: The Sumerians built their first temple.
3000 BCE: Medical School at the Temple of Neith as Sais, run by a female physician.
2613 BCE - 2181 BCE: Seshat associated with the House of Life in temples or temple precincts of Egypt.
2144 BCE - 2124 BCE: Reign of Gudea, governor of Lagash, who wrote recorded his dream vision The Building of Ningirsu's Temple, featuring Nanshe.
2125 BCE: Nanshe features prominently in the text The Building of Ningirsu's Temple.
2000 BCE - 150 BCE: Temple of Anu in Uruk in constant use.
1971 BCE - 1926 BCE: Reign of Senusret I in Egypt who begins construction of Temple of Amun at Karnak.
1971 BCE - 204 BCE: Construction and daily use of Temple Complex of Karnak.
1550 BCE - 1070 BCE: The temple to Hathor of Ibschek built and dedicated.
1510 BCE: The traditional date Danaos builds a temple to Athena Lindia at Lindus on Rhodes.
1500 BCE: First temple to Demeter & Persephone built at Eleusis.
1483 BCE: Hatshepsut begins work on the temple complex at Deir El-Bahri.
1353 BCE - 1336 BCE: Akhenaten builds temple to Aten at Memphis.
1333 BCE - 1323 BCE: The temple to Tutankhamun built and dedicated.
1279 BCE - 1213 BCE: Ramesses II builds grand Temple of Nepthys at the religious center of Sepermeru in Egypt.
1273 BCE - 1244 BCE: King Shalmanesar I builds a palace and temple at Nineveh.
950 BCE: Solomon builds the first Temple of Jerusalem.
879 BCE: Ashurnasirpal II declares Kalhu capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, dedicates temple to Ninurta.
750 BCE: The Old Temple is constructed at Chavin de Huantar.
700 BCE: The temple of Apollo is built on the island of Delos.
650 BCE - 600 BCE: Heraion, temple dedicated to Hera built at Olympia.
650 BCE: The first temple in honour of Apollo is built at Delphi.
586 BCE: Destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem and exile of upper class Judeans.
580 BCE: The west pediment of the temple of Artemis in Corcyra depicts Medusa and Pegasus.
580 BCE - 560 BCE: The main temple of the acropolis, Temple C, was built at Selinus.
570 BCE: First Temple of Aphaia complex built on Aegina.
570 BCE - 560 BCE: A large temple is built and dedicated to Hera on Samos.
570 BCE - 530 BCE: The Doric Temple of Hera is built at Metapontum, Magna Graecia.
550 BCE: The Temple of Hera I is built at Paestum.
550 BCE - 430 BCE: Construction of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
550 BCE: The temple of Apollo is constructed at Corinth.
520 BCE: A new temple is built and dedicated to Hera on Samos during the reign of Polycrates.
515 BCE - 70 CE: The Second Temple Period; Judaism is revised, scriptures canonized, Yahweh becomes sole deity, monotheism established.
515 BCE - 70 CE: Biblical Book of Genesis revised, along with other Hebrew scripture, during the Second Temple Period.
510 BCE: The Etruscan Portonaccio Temple is constructed at Veii.
510 BCE: The temple of Hercules is built at Agrigento.
510 BCE: The Temple of Athena is built at Paestum.
510 BCE: The second temple to Apollo is constructed at Delphi, replacing the first temple destroyed by fire.
510 BCE: Fire Destroys the Temple of Aphaia complex and other structures.
500 BCE: The New Temple is constructed at Chavin de Huantar.
500 BCE: Cuicuilco is at its peak in the Valley of Mexico and constructs a large circular temple pyramid.
497 BCE: The first temple dedicated to Saturn is constructed in the Forum Romanum of Rome.
495 BCE: A temple is built in honour of Mercury near Rome's Circus Maximus.
490 BCE - 480 BCE: Supremacy of Aegina's naval fleet. Temple of Aphaia rebuilt.
484 BCE: The first temple of the Dioscuri (Castor & Pollux) is dedicated in Rome's Forum Romanum by Aulus Postumius following his victory over the Latins at the Battle of Lake Regillus.
480 BCE: The huge temple of Zeus is built at Agrigento.
480 BCE - 470 BCE: An Ionic temple is built at Metapontum of unknown dedication.
478 BCE: Temple of Confucius built at Qufu, China.
465 BCE: New Temple to Poseidon built at Isthmia.
460 BCE - 457 BCE: Temple of Zeus is built at Olympia with a statue of Apollo dominating the west pediment and containing the cult statue of Zeus by Phidias.
460 BCE: The west pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia is decorated with a Centauromachy of centaurs fighting Lapiths at the wedding of Peirithoos.
460 BCE: The temple of Hera II is built at Paestum.
457 BCE: Metopes on the Temple of Zeus at Olympia depict the twelve labours of Hercules.
450 BCE - 430 BCE: The Temple of Concordia is built at Agrigento.
449 BCE: The Hephaisteion, temple to Athena & Hephaistos, built in Athens.
444 BCE - 440 BCE: Temple of Poseidon at Sounion re-built.
431 BCE: The temple to Apollo Medicus is built in Rome.
430 BCE: The cult statue of Zeus by Phidias is dedicated in the Temple of Zeus, Olympia. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
430 BCE: The temple of Hephaistos is built at Agrigento.
425 BCE - 420 BCE: The Temple dedicated to Athena Nike is constructed on the acropolis of Athens.
420 BCE - 400 BCE: The Temple of Apollo is built at Bassae.
417 BCE: The Doric temple of Segesta is built.
380 BCE - 375 BCE: Temple to Asclepius constructed at Epidaurus.
373 BCE: An earthquake destroys the temple of Apollo at Delphi.
356 BCE: The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus is destroyed by a deliberate fire.
355 BCE - 330 BCE: The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus is rebuilt/restored.
342 BCE: Fire destroys the 6th century BCE temple to Athena at Lindos, Rhodes and is replaced by a new one.
340 BCE: Macedon funds the building of a large temple on Samothrace.
330 BCE: Temple of Zeus built at Nemea.
330 BCE: The third temple to Apollo is constructed at Delphi, replacing the earlier temple damaged by earthquake.
320 BCE: Temple dedicated to Aphrodite constructed at Epidaurus.
301 BCE - 320 BCE: Doric temple to Athena and fortifications of Lysimachus built at Troy.
295 BCE: The first temple to Venus is dedicated on Rome's Aventine Hill.
292 BCE: The Romans adopt the Greek god of medicine Asclepius by stealing his sacred snake from Epidaurus and setting up a temple on the Tiber Island.
237 BCE: Construction of Temple of Hathor at Philae.
225 BCE - 150 BCE: The Temple of Hercules is built at Ostia.
192 BCE: A temple dedicated to Vejovis is built in Rome.
146 BCE: First Roman all-marble building is constructed, the temple of Jupiter Stater in Rome.
54 BCE: Temple of Hathor at Dendera built.
46 BCE: Cleopatra VII and her young son Caesarion visit Rome, residing in Julius Caesar's villa; Caesar dedicates a temple to Venus Genetrix with a controversial statue of Cleopatra as Isis-Venus within.
37 BCE: Herod the Great is installed as King of Judaea. Rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem.
29 BCE: Augustus builds the temple of Divius Iulius on the spot of Julius Caesar's funeral pyre in Rome's Forum Romanum.
29 BCE: The Temple of Divus Julius, dedicated to the deified Julius Caesar, is added to Rome's Forum Romanum.
10 BCE: Augustus rebuilds the Temple of Castor and Pollux in Rome's Forum Romanum.
2 BCE: Augusutus inaugurates the Temple of Mars Ultor in Rome to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Philippi in 42 BCE.
1 CE - 100 CE: Construction of the temple of Jupiter Baal by the Romans at Baalbek.
10 CE: The Temple of Concordia Augusta is added to Rome's Forum Romanum.
14 CE: The Temple of Rome and Augustus is built at Ostia.
70 CE: The city of Jerusalem is besieged and captured by Rome; the Second Temple destroyed.
70 CE: Second Jewish Temple is destroyed in Jerusalem.
70 CE - 80 CE: Probable construction date of the Temple of Garni in Armenia.
80 CE: The Temple of Vespasian and Titus is added to Rome's Forum Romanum.
135 CE - 140 CE: The Temple of Roma and Venus is added to Rome's Forum Romanum.
138 CE: Temple dedicated to Hadrian built in Ephesos.
140 CE: The Temple of Divus Antoninus Pius & Faustina is built in Rome's Forum Romanum.
150 CE - 200 CE: A small temple dedicated to Dionysos is built at Dion.
166 CE: The Capitolium temple is built at Thugga.
195 CE: A temple to Saturn-Baal is built at Thugga.
12000 BCE 10000 BCE 8000 BCE 6000 BCE 4000 BCE 2000 BCE

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