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750 BCE: Phoenicians found the colony of Motya on Sicily.
734 BCE: Chalcis founds the colony of Naxos on Sicily.
733 BCE: Corinth founds the colony of Syracuse in Sicily.
720 BCE: Chalcis founds the colony of Rhegium in Sicily.
689 BCE: Rhodes and Cretans found Gela in Sicily.
630 BCE: Selinus is founded by colonists from Megara Hyblaea, Sicily.
630 BCE: Messana founds the colony of Himera on Sicily.
580 BCE - 376 BCE: Carthage and Greece fight for dominance in Sicily.
580 BCE: Agrigento in Sicily is founded by colonists from Gela, Crete and Rhodes.
491 BCE - 478 BCE: Reign of Gelon, tyrant of Gela on Sicily.
456 BCE: Aeschylus dies in Gela, Sicily.
427 BCE: First Athenian expedition to Sicily.
415 BCE - 413 BCE: Great Athenian expedition to Sicily ends in failure.
415 BCE: Alcibiades persuades the Athenian assembly to send a military expedition to Sicily.
415 BCE: Athens launches an expedition against Sicily, the pretext being protection of Segesta.
413 BCE: The Athenian expedition in Sicily ends in disastrous defeat and the Athenian generals Nicias and Demosthenes are executed.
406 BCE: A Carthaginian army sacks Gela on Sicily.
405 BCE: Dionysius becomes tyrant in Syracuse, Sicily.
398 BCE - 380 BCE: Plato travels in Egypt, Cyrene, Italy, Syracuse and Sicily.
396 BCE: The Carthaginian city of Lilybaeum is founded on Sicily.
367 BCE: Dionysius II becomes tyrant of Syracuse, Sicily.
341 BCE: Timoleon defeats a Carthaginian army at the battle of Crimisus in Sicily.
339 BCE: Gela on Sicily is rebuilt by the Corinthian general Timoleon.
338 BCE: Timoleon agrees a peace treaty with Carthage over their control of Sicily.
311 BCE: A Carthaginian army defeats Agathocles of Syracuse near Gela, Sicily.
309 BCE: Syracuse defeats a Carthaginian army in Sicily and kills their general Hamilcar.
307 BCE: Carthage defeats the army of Agathocles of Syracuse led by Archagathus while Agathocles is in Sicily.
306 BCE: Carthage and Agathocles of Syracuse sign a peace treaty and divide Sicily between them.
282 BCE: Gela, on Sicily, is destroyed by Phintias, the tyrant of Agrigento.
264 BCE - 241 BCE: First Punic War. Carthage cedes Sicily to Rome.
264 BCE: The Mamertines at Messana on Sicily call for Carthaginian and then Roman help in defence against Syracuse, sparking the First Punic War.
262 BCE: Rome besieges and sacks Agrigento on Sicily in one of the first actions of the First Punic War.
250 BCE: Selinus on Sicily is abandoned.
247 BCE: Hamilcar Barca raids southern Italy and then lands on Sicily during the First Punic War.
244 BCE: Hamilcar Barca captures Eryx on Sicily during the First Punic War.
242 BCE: A Roman fleet besieges the Carthaginian stronghold of Drepana on Sicily during the First Punic War.
212 BCE: A Carthaginian army is defeated in Sicily by a Roman army led by Marcellus. Syracuse falls to Rome who now control the island.
211 BCE: Marcus Claudius Marcellus is given a triumph for his capture of Syracuse and victories in Sicily.
201 BCE: Syracuse joins the Roman Republic, province of Sicily is formed.
189 CE: Septimius Severus is proconsul of Sicily. Birth of Geta, his second son.
535 CE: Belisarius conquers Sicily and Naples.
550 CE: Totila conquers Sicily.
551 CE: General Narses lands in Sicily to lead imperial armies against Totila.
663 CE: Byzantine emperor Constans II takes up permanent residence at Syracuse, Sicily.
668 CE: Byzantine Emperor Constans II is killed in his bath in Syracuse, Sicily.
902 CE: Byzantine Taormina on Sicily falls to Arab attacks.
965 CE: Byzantine forces are defeated and forced out of Sicily by Muslim troops.
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