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16000 BCE 15500 BCE 15000 BCE 14500 BCE 14000 BCE 13500 BCE 13000 BCE 12500 BCE 12000 BCE 11500 BCE 11000 BCE 10500 BCE 10000 BCE 9500 BCE 9000 BCE 8500 BCE 8000 BCE 7500 BCE 7000 BCE 6500 BCE 6000 BCE 5500 BCE 5000 BCE 4500 BCE 4000 BCE 3500 BCE 3000 BCE 2500 BCE 2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE 0 CE  
16000 BCE: Oldest pottery vessels known found in Japan
14500 BCE - 5000 BCE: The Incipient phase of the Jomon Period, earliest known pottery in the world made during this time.
14000 BCE: Pottery production at the Amur River in modern-day Russia.
8000 BCE: Ovens in use in the Near East are applied to pottery production.
3500 BCE - 3100 BCE: Period V - Writing, crafts and pottery produced. Beer and wine brewed.
2000 BCE: Pottery wheel introduced to Minoan civilization on Crete.
1900 BCE - 1500 BCE: Sphinxes are represented in Minoan art in pottery, plaques and fabrics.
1500 BCE - 1200 BCE: Sphinxes are represented in Mycenaean art, particularly in pottery and ivory carving.
1000 BCE: The first distinctive Greek pottery is produced, the Proto-geometric style.
900 BCE: The Geometric style of Greek pottery is first produced.
800 BCE: The first stylized human and animal figures appear on Greek Geometric pottery.
675 BCE - 626 BCE: Fine bucchero pottery style in Etruria.
650 BCE: Pegasus first appears on Greek pottery decoration.
625 BCE: Black-figure pottery created in Corinth.
625 BCE - 600 BCE: The orientalizing style of Greek pottery becomes popular in Corinth.
625 BCE - 575 BCE: Transitional bucchero pottery style in Etruria.
620 BCE - 600 BCE: Proto-corinthian reaches its zenith in artistic quality producing the best pottery in Greece.
600 BCE - 500 BCE: The first depictions on black-figure pottery of Hercules fighting the centaur Nessos.
600 BCE - 500 BCE: Corinthian pottery depicts scenes of the centaur Pholos and Hercules.
600 BCE - 400 BCE: Attic pottery depicts the centaur Chiron in various mythological scenes.
600 BCE - 480 BCE: Attic black-figure pottery dominates the greek ceramic market.
600 BCE - 550 BCE: Laconia produces black-figure pottery.
575 BCE - 480 BCE: Heavy bucchero pottery style in Etruria.
570 BCE: First signed example of black-figure pottery by Sophilos.
570 BCE - 560 BCE: Kleitias, one of the masters of black-figure pottery decoration is active.
560 BCE - 520 BCE: Chalkidian black-figure pottery is produced in southern Italy.
545 BCE - 530 BCE: Exekias, perhaps the greatest black-figure pottery painter is active.
530 BCE: Red-figure pottery style takes precedent over black-figure.
530 BCE: The Andokides Painter invents red-figure pottery.
510 BCE - 470 BCE: The Kleophrades Painter of red-figure pottery is active.
500 BCE - 460 BCE: Douris, the red-figure pottery painter is active.
490 BCE - 460 BCE: The Berlin Painter of red-figure pottery is active.
480 BCE - 450 BCE: The Pan Painter of red-figure pottery is active.
470 BCE: The Providence Painter of red-figure pottery is active.
470 BCE - 425 BCE: The Achilles Painter of red-figure pottery is active.
440 BCE: The Eretria Painter of red-figure pottery is active.
420 BCE - 400 BCE: The Meidias Painter of red-figure pottery is active.
400 BCE - 375 BCE: The Meleager Painter of red-figure pottery is active.
320 BCE: Last recorded examples of Attic Red-Figure Pottery.
163 CE - 164 CE: Dating of Samian pottery on the Antonine Wall indicates its final abandonment.
16000 BCE 14000 BCE 12000 BCE 10000 BCE 8000 BCE 6000 BCE 4000 BCE 2000 BCE

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