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1200 BCE: Phrygians invade Anatolia and destroy the Hittite empire.
850 BCE: Gordium becomes the capital of the Phrygians.
709 BCE: Mita of the Mushki (possibly King Midas) allies with King Sargon II of Assyria.
696 BCE: Gordium is sacked by the Cimmerians.
625 BCE: Lydia drives back the Cimmerians and conquers Phrygia.
547 BCE: Gordium becomes part of the Persian satrapy of Greater Phrygia.
547 BCE: Phrygia becomes a Satrapy of the Persian empire.
403 BCE: Alcibiades is murdered in Phrygia.
322 BCE: Demetrius I flees Phrygia with his father Antigonus I.
301 BCE: The Battle of Ipsus in central Phrygia where Lysimachus and Seleucus I defeat Antigonus I and Demetrius I.
286 CE: Theodosius I settles Visigoths in Phrygia.
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