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700 BCE: Development of the Charvaka school of philosophy in India.
450 BCE - 370 BCE: Life of Antisthenes, found of the Cynic school of philosophy.
403 BCE: Plato turns away from politics toward philosophy.
338 BCE: Death of Shang Yang, early proponent of Legalist philosophy in China.
221 BCE - 206 BCE: Qin Dynasty, Emperor Shi Huangdi adopts Legalism as state philosophy and bans all others.
132 CE: Marcus Aurelius is introduced to philosophy by his teacher Diognetus.
390 CE: Hypatia is a teacher of philosophy, science and mathematics at the University of Alexandria.
524 CE - 525 CE: Boethius writes The Consolation of Philosophy while imprisoned by Theodoric in Pavia.
700 BCE 500 BCE 300 BCE 100 BCE 100 CE 300 CE

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