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520 BCE 510 BCE 500 BCE 490 BCE 480 BCE 470 BCE 460 BCE 450 BCE 440 BCE 430 BCE 420 BCE 410 BCE 400 BCE 390 BCE 380 BCE 370 BCE 360 BCE 350 BCE 340 BCE 330 BCE  
518 BCE: Darius I The Great begins construction of the city of Persepolis.
515 BCE: Completion of the Palace of Darius and the Grand Stairway at Persepolis.
515 BCE: Darius I moves the capital of Persia from Pasargadae to Persepolis.
478 BCE: Xerxes I builds the Gate of All Nations, the Hall of 100 Columns and the grand Palace of Xerxes.
336 BCE: Artaxerxes III builds the Hall of 32 Columns, the Palace of Artaxerxes and the Unfinished Gate.
330 BCE: Persepolis is burned and looted by Alexander the Great.
520 BCE 500 BCE 480 BCE 460 BCE 440 BCE 420 BCE 400 BCE 380 BCE 360 BCE

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