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1330 BCE - 1300 BCE: Sinking of the Uluburun shipwreck off the coast of Lycia.
1300 BCE - 1150 BCE: Egyptian sources name Lycia as the Lukka Lands and as part of a confederacy of 'Sea Peoples'.
546 BCE: Persia controls Lycia.
350 BCE: the Tomb of Amyntas at Telmesso in Lycia is built.
197 BCE: Antiochus III conquers Lycia.
189 BCE: Rome gives control of Lycia to Rhodes.
167 BCE: The Roman Senate separates Lycia from Caria.
43 CE: Lycia is joined with neighbouring Pamphylia under a single Roman governor.
655 CE: A Byzantine fleet is destroyed by the Arab Caliphate off the coast of Lycia.
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