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Lesbos Timeline

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  • 1000 BCE - 900 BCE
    Settlers from Thessaly arrive on Lesbos.
  • c. 650 BCE - 570 BCE
    Life of Pittakos, elected tyrant of Mytilene on Lesbos.
  • c. 630 BCE
    Aristocrats remove the ruling Penthelid clan from power on Lesbos.
  • c. 620 BCE - c. 570 BCE
  • c. 480 BCE - 395 BCE
    Life of the historian Hellanicus of Mytilene.
  • 428 BCE
    Mytilene on Lesbos unsuccessfully revolts against the Athenian domination of the Delian League.
  • 231 BCE
    Pyrrha on Lesbos is destroyed by an earthquake.
  • 168 BCE
    The Romans destroy Antissa on Lesbos.
  • 84 BCE
    The Roman general and politician Lucullus captures Lesbos.
  • 79 BCE
    Mytilene on Lesbos is sacked by the Romans after the city supported Mithridates VI.

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