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1570 BCE - 529 CE: Worship of the goddess Isis in Egypt.
1145 BCE - 1137 BCE: Celibacy becomes standard for God's Wife of Amun during the reign of Ramesses VI; his daughter Isis is the first celibate God's Wife.
367 BCE - 529 CE: Worship of the goddess Isis spreads outside Egypt's borders to Greece and Rome.
323 BCE - 30 BCE: Best known version of The Lamentations of Isis and Nepthys from the period of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt.
47 BCE: Cleopatra VII is sole ruler of Egypt; she presents herself as the goddess Isis.
46 BCE: Cleopatra VII and her young son Caesarion visit Rome, residing in Julius Caesar's villa; Caesar dedicates a temple to Venus Genetrix with a controversial statue of Cleopatra as Isis-Venus within.
42 CE - 62 CE: The evangelical missions of St. Paul; Isis worship dominates the Mediterranean.
380 CE: Emperor Theodosius I outlaws pagan practices including the worship of Isis.
529 CE: Emperor Justinian closes the Temple of Isis at Philae, Egypt, effectively ending worship of the goddess.
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