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7000 BCE - 6500 BCE: First human beings appear in Ireland.
4200 BCE: Construction of the Megalithic Passage Tomb of Poulnabrone in The Burren region of Ireland.
4200 BCE - 2200 BCE: Construction of the Great Megaliths of Ireland.
4000 BCE: Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery begins in Sligo, Ireland.
4000 BCE: Transition in Ireland from hunter-gatherer to agrarian society.
4000 BCE - 3500 BCE: Clyde Tombs of Western Scotland and the Carlingford Tombs of Northern Ireland are constructed.
3300 BCE: Newgrange Burial Mound constructed in Ireland.
3300 BCE - 2800 BCE: Tombs and Monuments erected in the region of Bru na Boinne, Ireland.
3200 BCE: Newgrange constructed in Ireland with labyrinthine swirl designs.
3200 BCE: The megalithic monument Newgrange is built in County Meath, Ireland.
3200 BCE: Newgrange is built in valley of Bru na Boinne, Ireland.
3000 BCE: The Passage Tomb Mound of the Hostages constructed at the Hill of Tara, Ireland.
2700 BCE: The Giant's Ring Henge constructed in Ireland.
2500 BCE: Knowledge of metal working evident in Ireland.
2500 BCE: Immigration of the Beaker People to Ireland.
2200 BCE: The wheel in use in Ireland.
500 BCE - 300 BCE: The arrival of the Celts in Ireland.
227 CE - 266 CE: Life of the High King Cormac mac Art, the Lawgiver, reigned from the Hill of Tara, Ireland.
227 CE - 266 CE: Life of Cormac MacArt, High King of Ireland, known as The Lawgiver in creating the Brehon Codes.
350 CE - 950 CE: Estimated use of the Ogham in Ireland and southwestern England.
400 CE - 450 CE: Christian Missionaries arrive in Ireland, literacy spreads.
432 CE: St. Patrick comes to Ireland, lights fire announcing Christianity on Hill of Slane.
432 CE - 433 CE: St. Patrick arrives in Ireland and preaches at the Hill of Tara, announcing the advent of Christianity.
432 CE - 433 CE: St. Patrick arrives in Ireland to begin his mission.
795 CE: First recorded Viking invasion of Ireland.
795 CE - 1014 CE: The Viking Age in Ireland.
800 CE: The Book of Kells is produced in Ireland.
800 CE: The High Kings of Ireland are no longer buried at Bru na Boinne, Ireland.
800 CE: The Book of Kells is made, most likely at Iona, Scotland and finished at Kells, Ireland.
806 CE: Viking raid on Iona, Scotland; Book of Kells moved to abbey of Kells, Ireland.
863 CE: Bardr mac Imair probably accompanies his father and uncles on raid of the tombs of the Boyne Valley, Ireland.
873 CE - 881 CE: Reign of the Viking Sea-King Bardr mac Imair in Dublin, Ireland.
873 CE: Bardr mac Imair leads a Viking fleet to plunder the tombs of Munster, Ireland. .
879 CE - 916 CE: Reign of Flann Sinna, High King of Ireland.
916 CE: Flann Sinna dies; is succeeded by Niall Glundub as High King of Ireland.
937 CE: The Battle of Brunanburh; Athelstan defeats coalition from Britain, Ireland, and Scotland;consolidates rule.
1014 CE: The Battle of Clontarf between Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, and the Vikings with Irish allies.
7000 BCE 6000 BCE 5000 BCE 4000 BCE 3000 BCE 2000 BCE 1000 BCE 0 CE

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