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304 BCE: Seleucos I refounds and renames the ancient city thereafter known as Edessa.
132 BCE: Osreoene, with its capital at Edessa, declares itself an independent kingdom.
202 CE: The earliest record of a Christian church at Edessa.
242 CE: Osroene, with its capital at Edessa, is made into a Roman province.
260 CE: Shapur I captures the Roman emperor Valerian at Edessa.
503 CE: Kavad, king of the Sasanian Empire, unsuccessfully besieges Edessa.
544 CE: Chosroes I, king of the Sasanian Empire, unsuccessfully besieges Edessa.
640 CE: Edessa is ruled by Muslim Arabs.
654 CE: According to Theophanes, a Jewish merchant transports the pieces of the fallen Colossus of Rhodes to Edessa for melting down.
944 CE: A Byzantine army led by John Kourkouas besieges Edessa. The Mandylion icon is taken to Constantinople
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