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3000 BCE 2500 BCE 2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE 0 CE 500 CE 1000 CE 1500 CE  
2600 BCE - 1600 BCE: Period III - Godin Tepe at its height with flourishing trade, advances in metal working and arts. Most populous area in the region until destroyed by earthquake.
1600 BCE - 750 BCE: Left uninhabited after the earthquake, the site of Godin Tepe is slowly buried.
1450 BCE: Earthquake and fire ends the Minoan period at Malia.
1200 BCE: Earthquake severely damages Tiryns.
550 BCE: The sacred Nazca site of Cahuachi is abandoned, probably due to climate change and earthquake.
464 BCE - 463 BCE: Earthquake in Sparta, followed by slave revolt. Surrender of Thasos.
373 BCE: An earthquake destroys the temple of Apollo at Delphi.
330 BCE: The third temple to Apollo is constructed at Delphi, replacing the earlier temple damaged by earthquake.
231 BCE: Pyrrha on Lesbos is destroyed by an earthquake.
228 BCE - 226 BCE: The Colossus of Rhodes is toppled by an earthquake.
17 BCE: An earthquake destroys 12 cities in Lydia and affects Sardis.
17 CE: Earthquake destroys much of Ephesos.
62 CE: A violent earthquake damages Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other towns in Campania.
262 CE: An earthquake devastates Cyrene.
365 CE: The 365 Crete Earthquake destroys the seaward side of Sabratha, topples buildings.
365 CE: After another earthquake Cyrene becomes an abandonded city of ruins.
365 CE: Gortyn is destroyed by a devastating earthquake.
365 CE: Butrint severely damaged by earthquake.
422 CE: The Colosseum of Rome is damaged by earthquake.
508 CE: The Colosseum of Rome is damaged by earthquake.
522 CE - 551 CE: Earthquakes destroy many of the buildings at Olympia.
551 CE: Epidaurus site definitively destroyed by earthquake.
670 CE: Gortyn is destroyed by earthquake.
892 CE: A huge earthquake destroys much of Dvin, the Armenian capital.
956 CE: The Lighthouse of Alexandria partially collapses following earthquake damage sustained in 950 CE.
1202 CE: An earthquake damages the castle of Krak des Chevaliers in Syria which is then rebuilt and enlarged by the Knights Hospitaller.
1330 CE: The Lighthouse of Alexandria definitively collapses, probably due to an earthquake.
1679 CE: The Temple of Garni collapses following an earthquake.
3000 BCE 2500 BCE 2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE 0 CE 500 CE 1000 CE

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