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5000 BCE: Earliest Neolithic finds in the Corinth area.
750 BCE: The Bacchiadae take power in Corinth.
733 BCE: Corinth founds the colony of Syracuse in Sicily.
733 BCE: Traditional date when Corinth founds a colony on Corcyra.
660 BCE: Corcyra wins a naval battle against their founding city of Corinth.
657 BCE - 585 BCE: The Kypselidai are tyrants of Corinth.
627 BCE - 587 BCE: Periander is tyrant at Corinth.
625 BCE: Black-figure pottery created in Corinth.
625 BCE - 600 BCE: The orientalizing style of Greek pottery becomes popular in Corinth.
585 BCE: An oligarchy of 80 takes power at Corinth.
550 BCE: The temple of Apollo is constructed at Corinth.
550 BCE - 366 BCE: Peloponnesian League alliance between Sparta, Corinth, Elis and Tegea which establishes Spartan hegemony over the Peloponnese.
525 BCE: Sparta and Corinth unsuccessfully attack Polycrates of Samos.
436 BCE - 435 BCE: Expedition of Pericles into the Black Sea. Corcyra/Epidamnus affair draws in Corinth and the Athenians.
433 BCE: A naval battle between the victorious combined forces of Corcyra and Athens against Corinth.
421 BCE - 416 BCE: ‘Cold war’ between Athens and Corinth.
395 BCE - 386 BCE: The Corinthian Wars between Sparta and an alliance of Athens, Corinth, Argos, Boeotia and Thebes.
390 BCE: Athenian leader Iphikrates employs peltasts to defeat Spartan hoplites at Lechaion near Corinth.
354 BCE: Xenophon dies at Athens or Corinth.
338 BCE: Philip of Macedonia defeats the Greek allied forces of Athens, Thebes and Corinth in the Battle of Chaironeia.
337 BCE: The League of Corinth is created by Philip II of Macedon.
243 BCE: Corinth joins the Archaean League.
243 BCE: Corinth is attacked and brought into the Achaean League.
225 BCE: Macedonians bring an army across the Isthmus to face another Achaian force trying to take Corinth.
146 BCE: Rome sacks Corinth and dissolves the Achaean league. Greece is ruled by Rome.
44 BCE: Julius Caesar founds the Roman colony of Corinth.
67 CE: Under Nero excavation of the Corinth Canal begins but is abandoned after three months.
267 CE: The Goths sack Athens, Corinth, Sparta, and Argos.
396 CE: Corinth burned by the Visigoths under Alaric.
5000 BCE 4000 BCE 3000 BCE 2000 BCE 1000 BCE 0 CE

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