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733 BCE: Traditional date when Corinth founds a colony on Corcyra.
660 BCE: Corcyra wins a naval battle against their founding city of Corinth.
580 BCE: The west pediment of the temple of Artemis in Corcyra depicts Medusa and Pegasus.
490 BCE - 470 BCE: Corcyra does not participate in the Persian Wars.
436 BCE - 435 BCE: Expedition of Pericles into the Black Sea. Corcyra/Epidamnus affair draws in Corinth and the Athenians.
433 BCE: Alliance between Athens and Corcyra.
433 BCE: A naval battle between the victorious combined forces of Corcyra and Athens against Corinth.
427 BCE: Civil war on Corcyra between democratic and oligarchic factions.
344 BCE: Corcyra contributes two ships to Timoleon's fleet which attacked Syracuse.
229 BCE: Corcyra is captured by the Illyrians.
148 BCE: Corcyra is made part of the Roman province of Macedonia.
31 BCE: Octavian uses Corcyra as a Roman naval base.
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