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9000 BCE 8500 BCE 8000 BCE 7500 BCE 7000 BCE 6500 BCE 6000 BCE 5500 BCE 5000 BCE 4500 BCE 4000 BCE 3500 BCE 3000 BCE 2500 BCE 2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE  
9000 BCE: City of Jericho founded in region of Jordan.
6500 BCE: Jericho is the first major walled city, with a population of about 2,500.
5400 BCE: The City of Eridu is founded.
5400 BCE: Shrines to Enki built at the city of Eridu in Mesopotamia.
4500 BCE: First walled cities. Uruk in Mesopotamia first city.
4500 BCE: The City of Uruk founded.
4200 BCE: Founding of the city of Susa.
4000 BCE: Founding of the city of Sidon.
3414 BCE - 3100 BCE: Xois founded as a city during the 1st Dynasty.
3150 BCE - 30 BCE: Life of the City of Memphis, Egypt.
3100 BCE - 2181 BCE: Xois inscribed on Palermo Stone as an ancient city during the 5th Dynasty.
3000 BCE - 2900 BCE: Mari, the earliest known planned city, is built near the eastern bank of the Euphrates.
3000 BCE: City of Ebla founded in Syria.
3000 BCE: Hathor, known as Mistress of Dendera, cult center flourishes in the city of Dendera.
2950 BCE - 2650 BCE: The first of the city phases of the Syro-Mesopotamian city of Mari. This period is called "City I" in the archaeological literature.
2750 BCE: The city of Tyre is founded.
2700 BCE: Hatti people establish trade with the city of Sumer.
2550 BCE - 2220 BCE: The second of three city phases of the Syro-Mesopotamian city of Mari. This period is called 'City II' in the archaeological literature.
2500 BCE: The city of Hattusa is established as Hattic capital of surrounding city-states.
2334 BCE - 2279 BCE: Reign of Sargon of Akkad, Akkadian outpost build at site of future city of Ashur.
2220 BCE: City II at Mari is destroyed by Naram-Sin.
2220 BCE - 1761 BCE: The third and final city phase of the Syro-Mesopotamian city of Mari. This period is called 'City III' in the archaeological literature.
2200 BCE: Art flourishes in the Hattic city states.
2050 BCE: The Alulu Beer Receipt Tablet written at the city of Ur.
2047 BCE - 1750 BCE: Last mentioned as goddess associated with city of Eresh during Ur III Period.
2030 BCE - 1980 BCE: Ur was reputed to be the largest city in the world.
1900 BCE: Assur credited as patron god of the City of Ashur in Mesopotamia.
1800 BCE: Amorites in control of the city of Ebla.
1761 BCE: Zimri-Lim, the last ruler of Mari dies for unknown reasons. His former ally, Hammurabi of Babylon, captures the city of Mari.
1760 BCE - 1757 BCE: Hammurabi of Babylon destroys the city of Mari. The people of Mari are spared according to Hammurabi.
1750 BCE - 1300 BCE: Troy VI - probable Troy of Homer's Iliad. City at its zenith.
1700 BCE: The Hittites invade the region of the Hatti and begin a systematic campaign against them. The great city of Hattusa is sacked and destroyed.
1600 BCE: Hittites under Mursilli I sack the city of Ebla.
1450 BCE - 1200 BCE: The city of Ugarit flourishes.
1346 BCE: Akhenaten moves the capital of Egypt from Thebes to his new city of Akhetaten (Amarna).
1346 BCE: The city of Akhetaten (modern-day Amarna) is built as the new capital of Egypt by Akhenaten.
1346 BCE - 1320 BCE: Life of the city of Akhetaten (Amarna).
1345 BCE: Akhenaten moves capital of Egypt from Thebes to Akhetaten, his custom-built city.
1334 BCE: Tutankhamun moves capital from city of Akhetaten back to Thebes, re-instates Cult of Amun at Thebes.
1320 BCE - 1292 BCE: Reign of pharaoh Horemheb who erases all memory of the Amarna Period, restores Egyptian culture, and destroys the city of Akhetaten (Amarna).
1320 BCE - 1292 BCE: Reign of pharaoh Horemheb who destroys the city of Akhetaten, restores Egyptian culture, and blots Akhenaten's name from history.
1274 BCE - 1245 BCE: Reign of Shalmaneser I who builds city of Kalhu at the site of pre-existing trade community.
1244 BCE - 1208 BCE: Reign of Tukulti-Ninurta I, Ashur renovated. Kar-Tukulti-Ninurta built across from city.
1200 BCE: Second palace destroyed at Mycenae, city begins to decline.
1100 BCE - 725 BCE: Decline of Byblos as the sister city of Tyre rises in prominence.
1077 BCE - 1047 BCE: Founding of the city of Tanis.
1060 BCE: Per-Ramesses largely dismantled and moved to the site of the new city of Tanis to the south.
884 BCE - 859 BCE: Reign of Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal II who dedicates the city of Kalhu to Ninurta.
879 BCE: City of Kalhu (Caleh) completed, Inaugural Festival with over 69,000 guests held.
776 BCE: Argishti I, king of the Urartu civilization, founds the city of Argishtihinili (Armavir).
750 BCE: Kushite City of MeroĆ« is founded.
740 BCE - 433 BCE: Greek poleis or city-states establish colonies in Magna Graecia.
720 BCE - 585 BCE: Tel Kabri is occupied by a town belonging to the Phoenician city-state of Tyre. In addition to the town, a citadel is constructed on the site to house a local garrison of Greek mercenaries.
717 BCE: Sargon II decrees the construction of his new capital city, Dur-Sharrukin.
717 BCE - 707 BCE: Construction of the city of Dur-Sharrukin, decreed by Sargon II.
706 BCE: Sargon II moves into his new palace at Dur-Sharrukin, city is capital of Assyrian Empire (replacing Kalhu).
701 BCE: King Sennacherib of Assyria sacks the city of Lachish in Judah but fails to take the capital Jerusalem.
700 BCE - 300 BCE: The Etruscan city of Vulci flourishes as a trade and manufacturing centre.
700 BCE - 300 BCE: The Etruscan city of Tarquinia flourishes as a trading and manufacturing centre.
700 BCE - 300 BCE: The Etruscan city of Cerveteri flourishes as a trading and manufacturing centre.
689 BCE: Sack of Babylon, city is destroyed.
685 BCE: Rusa II, king of the Urartu civilization, founds the city of Teishebaini.
660 BCE: Corcyra wins a naval battle against their founding city of Corinth.
647 BCE: Destruction of the Elamite city of Susa by Ashurbanipal of the Neo-Assyrian Empire
630 BCE: Greek colonists from the island of Thera found the city of Cyrene in North Africa.
625 BCE: Incursions by Babylonians, Elamites, Medes and Scythians weakens the city of Nineveh.
600 BCE: The city of Eridu is abandoned.
600 BCE - 300 BCE: Dionysos appears on the coins of Naxos, Mende and various other Greek city states.
594 BCE - 590 BCE: The Urartu city of Teishebaini is sacked and destroyed by fire.
590 BCE: City of Napata sacked; Kushite capital moves to Meroe.
580 BCE - 576 BCE: War between the Sicilian city-states of Segesta and Selinus.
546 BCE - 545 BCE: Persian conquest of Ionian Greek city-states.
525 BCE: Cambyses II of Persia takes the city of Pelusium, conquers Egypt.
518 BCE: Darius I The Great begins construction of the city of Persepolis.
494 BCE - 493 BCE: Telesilla of Argos defends her city against the Spartan forces with an army of women.
494 BCE - 493 BCE: Spartan forces under Cleomenes I attack the city of Argos.
482 BCE: Aristides is voted in an ostracism in Athens and exiled from the city.
479 BCE: Cycladic city states contribute to the victorious Greek forces against the Persians at the battle of Plataea.
461 BCE: Cimon is voted in an ostracism in Athens and exiled from the city.
458 BCE: A treaty of cooperation is signed between the Sicilian city-state of Segesta and Athens.
431 BCE - 404 BCE: The Cycladic city states side with Athens in the Peloponnesian war against Sparta and her allies.
425 BCE: Athenians capture Pylos. Spartan general Brasidas is injured in attempting to re-take the city.
416 BCE: War breaks out again between rival Sicilian city-states Segesta and Selinus.
408 BCE: The various city-states of Rhodes form a single federal state.
396 BCE: The Carthaginian city of Lilybaeum is founded on Sicily.
394 BCE: Camillus accepts the surrender of the city of Falerii to Rome.
391 BCE: Senones besiege Clusium, an Etruscan city.
390 BCE: The Senone Tribe of Gaul sack Rome; Camillus mobilizes forces to defeat them and save the city. Hailed as "Second Romulus". .
384 BCE: Syracuse attacks the ports of the Etruscan city of Cerveteri.
377 BCE - 355 BCE: The Cycladic city states join Athens in the Second Athenian League against Sparta .
371 BCE - 362 BCE: Thebes is the dominant city-state in Greece.
357 BCE - 356 BCE: After defeating the Thracian dynasts Berisades and Cetriporos, Philip II lays the foundation of a new city bearing his name: Philippopolis (modern Plovdiv, Bulgaria).
357 BCE: Philip II of Macedon renames the Macedonian city of Crrenides after himself: Philippi.
356 BCE: 307 Roman prisoners are sacrificed in the forum of the Etruscan city of Tarquinia.
342 BCE: Demosthenes is charged with organising a league of Greek city-states for war against Macedon.
334 BCE: Alexander the Great cuts the "Gordian Knot" in the city.
329 BCE: Alexander the Great founds the city of Alexandria Escate in Neb (Tajikstan).
312 BCE: City of Petra inhabited by Nabateans who repel attack by Greek army.
309 BCE: Lysimachus founds the city of Lysimachia to secure the Dardanelles.
307 BCE: Syracusan tyrant Agathocles sacks the city of Segesta.
9000 BCE 8000 BCE 7000 BCE 6000 BCE 5000 BCE 4000 BCE 3000 BCE 2000 BCE 1000 BCE

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