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520 BCE 510 BCE 500 BCE  
513 BCE - 492 BCE: Reign of Artaphernes as satrap of Lydia under Darius I of the Achaemenid Empire.
507 BCE: Artaphernes receives envoys from Athens who seem to promise submission to the Achaemenid Empire; an event which affects later Greco-Persian relations.
499 BCE: Artaphernes supports Aristagoras in the Siege of Naxos which fails, owing to Aristagoras' arrogance, after four months.
499 BCE - 494 BCE: The Ionian Revolt against Persian rule.
498 BCE: Battle of Sardis: Artaphernes defends Sardis against the Ionian Greek invaders, driving them to the sea, preserving his city.
492 BCE: Artaphernes disappears from historical record; is presumed to have died.
520 BCE 510 BCE 500 BCE

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