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508 BCE: According to Aristotle, the institution of ostracism is introduced in Athens under Cleisthenes.
427 BCE: Plato is born at Athens, Greece.
403 BCE: Plato turns away from politics toward philosophy.
399 BCE: Trial and death of the philosopher Socrates, who taught in the court of the Agora.
384 BCE - 322 BCE: Life of Aristotle.
384 BCE: Birth of the philosopher Aristotle, tutor to Alexander the Great, in Stagira (Greece).
367 BCE: Aristotle begins studies in Athens at Plato's Academy.
347 BCE: Aristotle leaves Athens after Plato's death to pursue his own line of inquiry.
343 BCE: Aristotle becomes tutor of young Alexander.
343 BCE: King Philip II of Macedon summons Aristotle to tutor his young son Alexander (later 'The Great').
335 BCE: Aristotle returns to Athens to set up his school, the Lyceum.
323 BCE: Aristotle leaves Athens following the death of Alexander the Great.
322 BCE: Aristotle dies in Euboea of natural causes.
510 BCE 490 BCE 470 BCE 450 BCE 430 BCE 410 BCE 390 BCE 370 BCE 350 BCE

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