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1600 BCE: Canaanite alphabet.
1580 BCE - 800 BCE: Byblos liberated and occupied by the Egyptians. Phoenecian alphabet developed and spread through trade.
1400 BCE: Ugaritic alphabet of 30 letters is invented.
1100 BCE: Phoenician alphabet.
1000 BCE: Death of Ahiram (or Ahirom) of Byblos, whose sarcophagus bears the oldest inscription of the Phoenician alphabet.
403 BCE: Athens takes the initiative of unifying the Greek alphabet.
100 BCE: Utu/Shamash mentioned less frequently as cuneiform writing is replaced by the alphabet.
360 CE - 440 CE: Life of Mesrop Mashtots, the scholar-clergyman who invented the Armenian alphabet.
405 CE: The Armenian alphabet is invented by Mesrop Mashtots.
1600 BCE 1200 BCE 800 BCE 400 BCE 0 CE

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