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331 BCE: Alexander the Great founds Alexandria at the port town of Rhakotis in Egypt.
329 BCE: Alexander the Great founds Alexandria-Eschate on the Iaxartes and destroys Cyropolis.
329 BCE: Alexander the Great founds the city of Alexandria Escate in Neb (Tajikstan).
300 BCE: Ptolemy I founds the Museum of Alexandria.
300 BCE - 280 BCE: The Lighthouse of Alexandria is built, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
285 BCE - 246 BCE: Reign of Ptolemy II in Egypt, developement of Library at Alexandria.
283 BCE - 246 BCE: Ptolemy II has Alexander the Great's body moved to Alexandria. Memphis declines in prestige.
250 BCE: Torah is translated into Greek in Alexandria, Egypt.
247 BCE: The Lighthouse of Alexandria (Pharos) is completed.
104 BCE - 101 BCE: The War of the Heavenly Horses, general Li Guangli forces the city of Da Yuan (Alexandria Eschate) into tributary status.
48 BCE: Pompey killed at Alexandria, Caesar declares martial law in the city.
34 BCE: Mark Antony celebrates an unofficial triumph in Alexandria following his victories in Armenia.
34 BCE: Roman general Mark Antony attacks Armenia. The Armenian king Artavasdes II is taken captive to Alexandria.
34 BCE: The Donations of Alexandria, an elaborate coronation ceremony in which Caesarion and Alexander Helios were named King of Kings and their mother Cleopatra VII was named Queen of Kings, took place in the Egyptian capital.
31 BCE: Cleopatra flees to Alexandria and opens negotiations with Octavian; her purpose is to save her children and keep the Ptolemaic kingdom intact.
30 BCE - 14 CE: Reign of Augustus Caesar in Rome, restoration of Roman province of Alexandria.
115 CE: Destruction of Alexandria in the Kitos War.
117 CE: Restoration of Alexandria by Emperor Hadrian of Rome.
132 CE: Septuagint (Greek translation of the Bible) composed at Alexandria.
150 CE - 215 CE: Clement of Alexandria writes about The Book of Thoth in his work Stromata.
314 CE: Religious strife increases between Christians and other faiths in Alexandria.
370 CE: Hypatia is born, daughter of Theon, in Alexandria, Egypt.
390 CE: Hypatia is a teacher of philosophy, science and mathematics at the University of Alexandria.
391 CE: Christian Patriarch Theophilus destroys pagan temples in Alexandria. .
415 CE: Hypatia of Alexandria murdered by Christian mob. Scholars and scientists leave the city. .
619 CE: Alexandria is conquered by the Sassanid Persians.
628 CE: Byzantine Empire re-takes Alexandria, Egypt, from the Persians.
641 CE: Arab Muslims under Caliph Umar take Alexandria from the Byzantine Christians.
641 CE - 646 CE: The Byzantine Christians and Arab Muslims fight for control of Alexandria and Egypt.
642 CE: Byzantine Alexandria falls to the Arab Caliphate.
646 CE: The Arab Muslims defeat the Byzantine Christians. Alexandria falls under Islamic rule. .
956 CE: The Lighthouse of Alexandria partially collapses following earthquake damage sustained in 950 CE.
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