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98 CE: The Suevi tribe (later the Alemanni) first mentioned in Tacitus' work.
213 CE: The Alemanni first mentioned by name in Cassius Dio's work.
256 CE: King Chrocus of the Alemanni invades Gaul and destroys the region until he is defeated at Arles by the Romans.
256 CE: King Chrocus of the Alemanni invades Gaul and destroys the region.
259 CE: The Alemanni invade Italy.
260 CE: Glanum is destroyed by the Alemanni.
268 CE: Alemanni defeated by the Romans at the Battle of Benacus.
271 CE: Aurelian's campaigns against the Alemanni.
298 CE: Constantius' campaigns against the Alemanni.
356 CE: The Alemanni defeat the Roman general Julian at the Battle of Rheims.
357 CE: The Battle of Strasbourg at which Julian completely defeats the Alemanni.
367 CE: Emperor Valentinian I defeats the Alemanni at the Battle of Solicinium.
451 CE: The Alemanni serve as allies of Attila the Hun at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains against Roman forces led by Aetius.
496 CE: Alemanni defeated by the Frankish king Clovis at the Battle of Tolbiac.
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