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1360 CE 1370 CE 1380 CE 1390 CE 1400 CE 1410 CE 1420 CE 1430 CE 1440 CE 1450 CE 1460 CE 1470 CE 1480 CE 1490 CE 1500 CE 1510 CE 1520 CE 1530 CE 1540 CE 1550 CE 1560 CE 1570 CE 1580 CE 1590 CE 1600 CE 1610 CE 1620 CE 1630 CE 1640 CE  
1360 CE: Birth of the Prince of Yan, future Yongle Emperor of the Ming dynasty.
1368 CE - 1644 CE: Reign of the Ming Dynasty in China.
1403 CE - 1424 CE: Reign of the Yongle Emperor (aka Chengzu) of the Ming Dynasty.
1405 CE - 1433 CE: The mariner and explorer Zheng He makes seven voyages from China to India, Arabia and East Africa.
1407 CE: Work begins on the Forbidden City in Beijing.
1420 CE: The Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty establishes the Eastern Depot, a secret service branch of the state bureaucracy.
1421 CE: Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty moves the capital of China from Nanjing to Beijing.
1424 CE: Death of the Yongle Emperor of the Ming Dynasty while on campaign against the Mongols.
1360 CE 1400 CE 1440 CE 1480 CE 1520 CE 1560 CE 1600 CE

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