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285 CE: The Roman empire is split into the Western and Eastern Roman empires.
367 CE: Picts, Scots, Saxons, and Franks attack the Roman Empire.
378 CE: Eastern Roman Emperor Valens defeated at the Battle of Adrianople. Historians mark this as the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire.
391 CE: Emperor Theodosius closes pagan temples.
402 CE: Ravenna becomes the capital of the Western Roman empire.
410 CE: Alaric of the Visigoths sacks Rome.
439 CE: Vandals take Carthage from the Western Roman Empire and make it their new capital.
451 CE: Aetius defeats Attila of the Huns at the Catalaunian Fields, together with Rome’s allies.
455 CE: Vandals sack Rome.
476 CE: Romulus Augustulus, the last Western Roman emperor, deposed by Odoacer and sent into forced retirement in Campania.
476 CE: Emperor Romulus Augustus is deposed by the Germanic King Odoacer. This is the `official' end of the Roman Empire.
480 CE: Julius Nepos, the last Western Roman emperor, dies. This is the `unofficial' end of the Western Roman Empire.
486 CE: Clovis of the Franks defeats the Romans in Gaul. Founding of the Frankish kingdom.
488 CE - 493 CE: Theodoric the Great of the Ostrogoths conquers Italy.
800 CE: Charlemagne the Great of the Franks is proclaimed Western Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III.
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