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Wako Timeline

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  • c. 1250 CE - c. 1600 CE
    Wako pirates cause mayhem in East Asia.
  • 1367 CE
    Korea sends an embassy to Japan requesting action be taken against the wako pirates.
  • 1380 CE
    Choe Muson leads a successful Korean attack against a large wako pirate fleet at the mouth of the Kum River.
  • 1389 CE
    The Korean navy attacks the wako pirate bases on Tsushima Island in Japan.
  • 1419 CE
    The Korean navy attacks for a second time the wako pirate bases on Tsushima Island in Japan.
  • 1443 CE
    The Japanese and Korean governments sign the Treaty of Kyehae which permits legitimate trade with the intention of weakening the wako pirates.
  • 1544 CE
    Wako pirates launch significant rids on Korean ports.
  • 1557 CE
    Ming dynasty forces capture the wako pirate chief Wang Chih.
  • 1592 CE
    The Japanese military leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi permanently weakens the wako pirates.

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