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820 CE 830 CE 840 CE 850 CE 860 CE 870 CE 880 CE 890 CE 900 CE 910 CE  
820 CE: First Viking raid is defeated by Frankish Shore Guard.
841 CE: Viking raid under Asgeir sacks and burns Rouen.
845 CE: Ragnar Lothbrok besieges Paris; is paid by Charles the Bald to leave.
845 CE: Viking chief Ragnar Lothbrok raids Paris.
851 CE - 852 CE: Asgeir returns to sack region from his base at Rouen.
876 CE: Viking raid of 100 ships loot region of Rouen, only leaving once Charles the Bald pays them 5,000 pounds silver.
885 CE - 886 CE: Second Viking raid on Paris; Charles the Fat pays them to leave.
885 CE - 886 CE: Viking siege of Paris. Odo of West Francia successfully defends the city.
887 CE - 911 CE: Rollo the Viking Chieftain raids Kingdom of West Francia at will.
911 CE: Rollo's treaty with Charles the Simple ends Viking Raids from the Seine in the region. .
820 CE 830 CE 840 CE 850 CE 860 CE 870 CE 880 CE 890 CE 900 CE

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