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1101 BCE: Traditional founding date for the Phoenician colony of Utica by Sidon (or Tyre).
309 BCE - 308 BCE: Agathocles of Syracuse successfuly campaigns in North Africa defeating Carthaginian armies and taking Utica and Hippacra.
264 BCE - 241 BCE: First Punic War. Carthage cedes Sicily to Rome.
218 BCE - 202 BCE: Second Punic War.
204 BCE - 203 BCE: Scipio Africanus wins two battles and besieges Utica in North Africa.
149 BCE - 146 BCE: Third Punic War.
146 BCE: Utica is made the capital of the Roman province of Africa.
1200 BCE 1000 BCE 800 BCE 600 BCE 400 BCE

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