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57 BCE - 918 CE: The Silla Kingdom rules in Korea, first as one of the Three Kingdoms and then alone from 668 CE.
668 CE - 935 CE: Unified Silla Kingdom in Korea.
676 CE: A Silla army defeats a Tang force at the battle of Kibolpo, thus gaining control of the whole Korean peninsula.
682 CE: A National Confucian Academy is established in the Unified Silla Kingdom.
698 CE - 926 CE: The Balhae kingdom rules in Manchuria and northern Korea.
751 CE: The Dabotap stone pagoda is built at the Bulguksa temple, Gyeongju, Korea.
751 CE - 774 CE: The Buddhist cave temple at Seokguram (Sokkuram) east of Gyeongju, Korea is built.
751 CE: The Seokgatap stone pagoda is built at the Bulguksa temple, Gyeongju, Korea.
751 CE - 790 CE: The Buddhist Bulguksa temple complex is built east of Gyeongju, Korea.
771 CE: The large bronze bell at the Buddhist shrine at Bongdeoksa, Korea, also known as the Emille Bell, is cast.
788 CE: An examination for state administrators based on Confucianism is introduced in the Unified Silla Kingdom.
828 CE: Jang Bogo establishes a garrison at Cheonghae, the Cheonghaejin fortress is constructed.
839 CE: Jang Bogo supports Gim Ujing in taking the throne of the Unified Silla kingdom.
846 CE: Jang Bogo is assassinated in a Silla aristocratic conspiracy.
885 CE: Choe Chiwon returns to Silla from China where he is appointed Vice-minister of War.
927 CE: Rebel leader Gyeon Hwon attacks Gyeongju, capital of the Unified Silla Kingdom.
935 CE: The last Silla king, Gyeongsun, surrenders to Wang Geon ruler of Goryeo.
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