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800 BCE 700 BCE 600 BCE 500 BCE 400 BCE 300 BCE 200 BCE 100 BCE 0 CE 100 CE 200 CE 300 CE 400 CE 500 CE 600 CE 700 CE 800 CE  
756 BCE: Founding of Trapezus.
630 BCE: Cimmerians destroy Trapezus.
400 BCE: Remains of Cyrus the Younger's Persian army arrive in Trapezus.
75 BCE: Trapezus is part of the Pontic Kingdom of Mithradates VI.
50 CE: Rome recognizes Trapezus as free city.
257 CE: Visigoths attack Trapezus.
258 CE: Sasanian Persians attack Trapezus.
824 CE: Trapezus becomes capital of the military distric of Chaldia.
800 BCE 600 BCE 400 BCE 200 BCE 0 CE 200 CE 400 CE 600 CE

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