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95 BCE - 56 BCE: Reign of Tigranes II, king of Armenia.
94 BCE: Armenia king Tigranes II annexes the kingdom of Sophene.
87 BCE: Armenian king Tigranes II sacks Ecbatana, the Parthian royal summer residence.
85 BCE: Armenian king Tigranes II begins to use the title "King of Kings".
83 BCE: Armenian king Tigranes II founds a new capital at Tigranocerta (aka Tigranakert).
69 BCE: Licinius Lucullus leads a Roman army which defeats Armenian king Tigranes II and his capital Tigranocerta is captured. Artashat becomes the capital again.
66 BCE: Pompey the Great attacks the Armenian kingdom of Tigranes II and makes it a Roman protectorate.
100 BCE 90 BCE 80 BCE 70 BCE 60 BCE

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