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  • c. 1585 CE - 1622 CE
    Life of the Native American Tisquantum, better known as Squanto, who helped the settlers of the Plymouth Colony survive in their new home.
  • 1614 CE
    Squanto is among 24 Native Americans kidnapped to be sold into slavery by Captain Thomas Hunt.
  • 1614 CE - 1619 CE
    Squanto lives in Spain and England; learns English and returns to North America.
  • 1619 CE - 1622 CE
    Squanto lives with the Pokanoket tribe of Massasoit and then, under his orders, at Plymouth Colony.
  • 1621 CE - 1622 CE
    Squanto teaches the immigrants of the Plymouth Colony to farm, fish, and hunt; acts as their interpreter with Native Americans of the region.
  • 1622 CE
    Squanto engages in secret activities to undermine the authority of the chief Massasoit and take his place. He is discovered but goes unpunished owing to his value to William Bradford and the Plymouth Colony.
  • 1622 CE
    Squanto dies either from disease or poisoned by agents of Massasoit.

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