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3500 BCE 3000 BCE 2500 BCE 2000 BCE 1500 BCE 1000 BCE 500 BCE 0 CE 500 CE 1000 CE 1500 CE  
3300 BCE - 2600 BCE: Neolithic site of Barnhouse Settlement occupied.
3100 BCE: Neolithic village of Skara Brae inhabited.
3100 BCE: Neolithic Village of Skara Brae inhabited, stone walls built.
3000 BCE - 2800 BCE: The Neolithic chambered cairn known as Maeshowe constructed and in use.
2600 BCE: Barnhouse Settlement abandoned and partially destroyed by inhabitants.
2500 BCE: Village of Skara Brae is abandoned for unknown reasons.
1850 CE: Buried Neolithic Age village of Skara Brae uncovered by storm.
1913 CE: Skara Brae site is plundered by unknown parties.
1924 CE: Skara Brae is placed under guardianship of H.M. Commissioners of Works.
1924 CE: A storm damages the exposed village of Skara Brae and destroys one house.
1927 CE: Professional excavation and preservation efforts begin at Skara Brae under V. G. Childe and J.W. Paterson.
1999 CE: Skara Brae declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
3500 BCE 2500 BCE 1500 BCE 500 BCE 500 CE 1500 CE

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