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57 BCE - 668 CE: Three Kingdoms Period in Korea (Silla, Goguryeo, and Baekje).
57 BCE - 918 CE: The Silla Kingdom rules in Korea, first as one of the Three Kingdoms and then alone from 668 CE.
57 BCE - 4 CE: Reign of traditional founder of Korea's Silla kingdom Hyeokgeose (aka Pak Hyokkose).
417 CE - 458 CE: Reign of Silla king Nulchi in south-eastern Korea.
433 CE - 553 CE: Baekje forms an alliance with the Silla kingdom in Korea.
458 CE - 500 CE: Reign of Silla king Soji in south-eastern Korea.
500 CE - 514 CE: Reign of Silla king Chijung in south-eastern Korea.
514 CE - 540 CE: Reign of Silla king Beopheung (aka Pophung) in south-eastern Korea.
520 CE: Silla king Beophung introduces the bone rank system (Golpum).
532 CE: Silla captures and destroys the Gaya city of Pon Kaya in southern Korea.
554 CE: The Silla kingdom attacks the Baekje kingdom and occupies the lower Han River valley.
554 CE: At the battle of Kwansan-song (modern Okchon) the Baekje army is defeated by the Silla and King Song is killed.
562 CE: Silla conquers the Gaya city of Tae Kaya in southern Korea.
632 CE - 647 CE: Reign of Silla queen Seondeok in south-eastern Korea.
642 CE: The Baekje and Goguryeo kingdoms join forces against the Silla and conquer Taeya-song (modern Hapchon).
644 CE: A Goguryeo army defeats a combined Silla and Tang army.
647 CE - 654 CE: Reign of Silla queen Chindok in south-eastern Korea.
660 CE: The Baekje kingdom in Korea falls to a joint Silla and Chinese Tang Dynasty army and naval attack.
663 CE: A rebel Baekje army is finally crushed by the Silla in Korea, ending the Baekje kingdom.
668 CE - 935 CE: Unified Silla Kingdom in Korea.
675 CE: A Silla army defeats a Tang force at the battles of Maesosong.
676 CE: A Silla army defeats a Tang force at the battle of Kibolpo, thus gaining control of the whole Korean peninsula.
682 CE: A National Confucian Academy is established in the Unified Silla Kingdom.
788 CE: An examination for state administrators based on Confucianism is introduced in the Unified Silla Kingdom.
788 CE: Probable birth of Jang Bogo, the powerful Silla warlord and merchant.
828 CE - 846 CE: Jang Bogo commands the Silla garrison at Cheonghae.
839 CE: Jang Bogo supports Kim Ujing in taking the throne of the Unified Silla kingdom.
846 CE: Jang Bogo is assassinated in a Silla aristocratic conspiracy.
885 CE: Choe Chiwon returns to Silla from China where he is appointed Vice-minister of War.
927 CE: Rebel leader Gyeon Hwon attacks Gyeongju, capital of the Unified Silla Kingdom.
935 CE: The last Silla king, Gyeongsun, surrenders to Wang Geon ruler of Goryeo.
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