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10 BCE 0 CE 10 CE 20 CE 30 CE 40 CE 50 CE 60 CE  
4 BCE - 65 CE: Life of Seneca the Younger, who depicts Deianira in his play Hercules on Oeta.
4 BCE - 65 CE: Life of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Emperor Nero's tutor and advisor.
41 CE: Seneca is exiled to Corsica.
49 CE - 65 CE: Date of Seneca's play Hercules Furens.
49 CE: Seneca is recalled from exile and becomes the tutor of future Roman emperor Nero.
54 CE - 68 CE: Reign of Roman emperor Nero.
65 CE: Nero orders Seneca to commit suicide.
65 CE: Piso Conspiracy against Nero.
10 BCE 0 CE 10 CE 20 CE 30 CE 40 CE 50 CE 60 CE

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