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1300 BCE 1290 BCE 1280 BCE 1270 BCE 1260 BCE 1250 BCE 1240 BCE 1230 BCE 1220 BCE 1210 BCE 1200 BCE 1190 BCE 1180 BCE 1170 BCE 1160 BCE 1150 BCE  
1300 BCE - 1150 BCE: Egyptian sources name Lycia as the Lukka Lands and as part of a confederacy of 'Sea Peoples'.
1200 BCE: Sea Peoples invade the Levant.
1190 BCE: Ugarit is destroyed by the Sea Peoples.
1187 BCE: Kadesh is destroyed by the Sea Peoples and subsequently vanishes from history.
1180 BCE: The Sea Peoples begin increased incursions into Egypt.
1180 BCE - 1178 BCE: Ramesses III of the 20th Dynasty fortifies Xois against the threat of the invading Sea Peoples.
1178 BCE: Rameses III defends Egypt from the Sea Peoples on the shores at Xois, defeating them completely.
1300 BCE 1280 BCE 1260 BCE 1240 BCE 1220 BCE 1200 BCE 1180 BCE 1160 BCE

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