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211 CE: Ardashir, king (malakh) of Persis, revolts against the Parthians and founds the Sasanian Empire.
224 CE: Sasanians overthrow the Parthians.
224 CE - 240 CE: Reign of Ardashir I, who reformed the Persia by centralizing power, making Zoroastrianism state religion, and rivalling Rome.
240 CE - 270 CE: Reign of Shapur I, who brought the Sassanian empire to its peak.
252 CE: The Sasanid Empire invades the Kingdom of Armenia.
260 CE: Shapur I captures the Roman emperor Valerian at Edessa.
309 CE - 379 CE: Reign of Shapur II.
368 CE - 369 CE: The Sasanid Empire destroys several cities in the kingdom of Armenia.
387 CE: Roman emperor Theodosius I and Shapur III of Persia agree to formally divide Armenia between the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and the Sasanian Empire.
428 CE - 652 CE: Persia rules one half of Armenia as the Marzpanate, that is with marzpan viceroys.
451 CE: Battle of Avarayr between Armenian forces and those of the Sasanian Empire.
484 CE: The Treaty of Nvarsak is signed between Persia and Armenia giving the latter a greater political autonomy and freedom of religious thought.
503 CE: Kavad, king of the Sasanian Empire, unsuccessfully besieges Edessa.
531 CE - 579 CE: Reign of Khosrau I of the Sasanid Empire, who became the Iranian ideal of a king.
533 CE: Belisarius defeats the Persians to the east of the Byzantine Empire and the Vandals of Africa.
544 CE: Chosroes I, king of the Sasanian Empire, unsuccessfully besieges Edessa.
607 CE - 627 CE: East Rome defeats Sasanian Persia.
632 CE - 651 CE: Reign of Yazdgird III, the last king of the Sasanian Empire.
651 CE: Arab Umayyad Caliphate conquers the Sasanian Empire.
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