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730 BCE 720 BCE 710 BCE  
722 BCE - 705 BCE: Peak of the Assyrian empire under the reign of Sargon II.
722 BCE: Sargon II takes the throne from Shalmaneser V in a coup.
722 BCE - 705 BCE: Reign of King Sargon II of Assyria.
720 BCE: Sargon II's Syrian Campaigns.
719 BCE - 717 BCE: Border wars between Assyria and the Kingdom of Urartu.
718 BCE: Sargon II defeated at Babylon by Elamites.
717 BCE: Sargon II decrees the construction of his new capital city, Dur-Sharrukin.
714 BCE: Sargon II's Urartu Campaign, Urartu defeated.
713 BCE - 710 BCE: Sargon II personally oversees the construction of Dur-Sharrukin.
710 BCE: Sargon II conquers Babylon and the southern territories.
710 BCE - 707 BCE: Sargon II resides at Babylon, rules Assyria from Babylonian court.
706 BCE: Sargon II returns from Babylon and moves into palace in Dur-Sharrukin.
705 BCE: Sargon II killed in battle with the Tabal people.
705 BCE: Sennacherib succeeds Sargon II, moves capital to Nineveh; Dur-Sharrukin is abandoned.
730 BCE 720 BCE 710 BCE

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